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About Us

About Us


Homenova is changing the way people buy, rent and sell their homes. We empower home owners and home seekers to communicate directly by bringing them together. The Homenova platform helps everybody - from renters, to first time home buyers to experienced sellers. Our seamless platform automates and simplifies means to provide exposure to listed properties through the integration of social media. By using the Homenova platform, home owners and home seekers can save thousands of dollars which would generally be spent on commissions.


Our Story:


Wishing to sell privately, Co-founder Roy Tal initially listed his condo on various classified websites. The result was a flood of unwanted solicitation from agents seeking new business and no offers. Roy also considered listing his home with "for sale by owner" websites, but this meant incurring upfront fees regardless of a sale and limited services.  Instead, equipped with cardboard paper and a marker, Roy posted “For Sale” signs near his condo and within two days received a record setting offer. Realizing how easy it was to sell his home privately, Roy co-founded Homenova with the help of his long-time friend and university roommate, Adam Tobe. Together, they set out to disrupt the industry with an affordable and simple end-to-end platform; at that moment, Homenova was born.