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About Homenova

Homenova is a proudly Canadian company founded by Roy Tal with the vision of creating a platform to list and find real estate for free, while seamlessly providing the latest real estate information with accuracy and transparency for all. 

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Homenova has a database of over 6 million Canadian properties, including homes for sale, for rent and homes that are not currently on the market. Homenova’s listings database covers 5160 municipalities and 15,000 communities from all 13 provinces and territories. Homenova aims to inform home seekers, by highlighting relevant market information about their location of choice and to connect them to real estate professionals and home owners in the area to help them find their dream home. 

Research Mission Statement

Our vision is to create a comprehensive and easy to understand resource to empower new comers, homebuyers, real estate professionals, and policymakers to make sense of the data about their local real estate market.  

Putting together current information from our own database, along with other credible websites including government sourced data, we seek to create a true and unbiased informational overview of every residential Canadian address and location. The data is provided is intended to serve as a community research, and it’s completely free for all users to access.