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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

List Your Home For Free

Q: Why should I list on Homenova?

A: To begin with, Homenova is 100% cost free, and it only takes 3-5 minutes to publish a property fo rsale or rent so there is no risk. Listing with Homenova will give your home more exposure, giving you a better chance of selling or renting out your property. With active social media posting, your listing can be viewed by thousands of potential buyers or tenants. Homenova is a very neat and professional listing site which will make your listing look stunning. In addition to these reasons for listing, Homenova also allows you to print (FREE) PDF brochures to hand out to prospective buyers or tenants. Also, listing with Homenova gives you access to our Open House Planner, which will notify any buyers or tenants that see your home on our site that you are having an open house.

Q: Is Homenova free to use?

A: Yes. You can list and rent or sell your home on our site free of charge. 

Q: I am listed with a real estate agent, can I list on Homenova?

A: From Homenova’s perspective – Yes! Working with professionals is a great way to sell your home, and publishing it on Homenova is also a great way to supplement it.

Q: I am a real estate agent, can I list on Homenova?

A: Yes. You can list your own properties or your clients' properties.

Q: If I list a property with Homenova, can I also list on other websites or with other companies or with a real estate agent?

A: Absolutely! When you list on Homenova, you do so on a non-exclusive basis, so from our perspective it will not prevent you from listing the propertyanywhere else. 

Q: How do I list with Homenova?

A: Listing with Homenova is very simple. Go to our homepage, and click “List (It’s Free)”. Now you need to fill in all of the required information. Typically, a listing takes between 3-5 minutes to complete (unless you don’t have all the required information on hand).  

Q: How do I edit my listing?

A: Login on then click “Manage”, “My Listing”. Your listing will now be visible, and if you click "Manage", there will be an “edit this listing” button.

Q: How do I know that my listing is published?

A: When you click “Publish Your Listing, a screen will load indicating that your listing has been published. As soon as it is published, it will be live on our site. You can verify this by searching for your city in the “Buy” search bar on Homenova’s homepage. You can also check the “Manage” menu and then listing to see your listing, which will show a status of whether it is “published”.

Q: Why do I need to validate my phone number?

A: We have a phone validation process for listing on Homenova to assure that you are not a robot. Also, in case we need to get a hold of you in regards to your listing, we will have a contact number.

Q: How do I choose which pictures will be featured in the brochure?

A: When you upload photos for your listing, the first 5 pictures will be featured in the brochure. If you want to edit this, refer to the FAQ above “How do I edit my listing”. When you click edit, go to the “Photos” tab and you will be able to drag and drop photos into any order you wish (the 1st photo is your cover photo).

Q: How do I set up an Open House?

A: Login to your account, click “Manage”, “My Planner”. Now click on the date that you want to have an open house on, then fill out the require information to schedule an open house. If you want to have multiple open houses, you must schedule each one individually.

Q: How do I know if someone messaged me about my listing? 

A: When you login to your account on our website, you will see a tab labelled “Messages” at the top, to the left of your name. Additionally, if you registered with a valid email address, you will receive an email notifying you that you have received a message on Homenova.

Q: I don't have a facebook account... Can I still list my home?

A: That's fine, simply use your email.

Q: You guys are awesome! I love your concept. How can I help? 

A: Awesome! We work very hard to improve our site and services. Liking our facebook page would be a great way to help us out!

List Your Home For Free